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Welcome to Past Life Regression Hypnosis, a service specifically designed for you to explore and heal your previous incarnations, learn about your eternal identity, and discover your purpose for this lifetime.

In the modern world, with all its pressures, we often forget our divine origins, and can lose the awareness of our soul self. Many of us have had so much outside programming that it can be easy to lose touch with our inner world and our purpose for being here – exploring your Past Lives and Life Between Lives is a special opportunity to reconnect with your soul and create a more meaningful life.

Why experience Past Life or Interlife memories through Regression?

The primary intention for revisiting past life memories is to understand, heal, and resolve issues that are affecting you now, and to move forward with a deeper understanding of how these issues have a spiritual purpose. Sometimes our problems have their roots in a past life experience, and have been carried over into this lifetime for healing, transformation, and resolution. Regression therapies specifically aim to heal disturbances from old memories that are distorting your wellbeing, and to clear the way for a much brighter future.

Life Between Lives Hypnosis directly connects you with your higher self, and with the memories of what your higher self agreed to do before incarnating in your current life. The sessions allow you to find answers to your current life experiences, a deep inner peace, an understanding of your life purpose, and the desire to enjoy living your life to its fullest potential.

No matter what your previous experiences have been in both your past lives and in this lifetime, or how difficult it’s been to handle ongoing issues, the services offered by this practice intend to help you move forward in life now. There is no need to linger or dwell on memories of the past – the focus of all sessions is to simply learn, integrate, and let go of concerns, allowing greater freedom, choice, spiritual growth, and peace of mind from this day forward…..

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