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Ph: 0420 249 592

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Web: www.pastliferegressionhypnosis.com.au / www.innerfulfillment.com.au


Available Monday to Saturday.

Mobile services for Past Life and Life Between Lives Hypnotherapy can be arranged at any location on the Sunshine Coast, in the Brisbane area, and on trips to capital cities when travelling for trainings – please phone Tony for his travel schedules. A quiet, undisturbed space is essential.


Spiritual Regression Services

Past Life Regression and Regression Therapy – 3hrs – $230 (or) 1.5 to 2hrs – $180
(a brief case history by phone or in person is recommended)

Life Between Lives Hypnotherapy$595 
(includes a $180 Past Life Regression held on a separate day, and a 3 to 5 hour Life Between Lives session)

Life Between Lives Package$695 
(includes 3 sessions – a Past Life Regression, LBL, and 1 x 2 hour follow up)


Payment Plan Options

For Life Between Lives Hypnotherapy (2 sessions)

Session 1 – $200

Session 2 – $395

For Life Between Lives package (3 sessions)

Session 1 – $200

Session 2 – $395

Session 3 – $100


Payment options for services and trainings:

eftpos logoPayments can be made by:

  • Cash
  • Bank Transfer, or
  • Eftpos (Visa, MasterCard and Debit cards only)

To request alternate payment plans for services or trainings, contact Tony to ask what can be arranged.bartercard logo

Inner Fulfillment also welcomes Bartercard members – please ask for trade dollar arrangements.


Special offers for LBL therapy are often made available at promotional talks or expo’s, so do attend a talk if one is promoted near you.

For all special promotional bookings – sessions must be completed within 30 days of the first appointment unless otherwise noted. 


Appointment Cancellation Policy

Once your appointment has been booked and confirmed, 24 hours notice is required to cancel your appointment. If cancellation occurs:

  • within 24 hours on the day before your appointment – a $50 fee may be applied at the practitioner’s discretion, but is rarely warranted
  • within 24 hours, both on the morning of your appointment and:
  • within 24 hours and you do not arrive for your scheduled appointment time

A cancellation fee of 100% of your appointment cost will be applied.

If you are sick or have a genuine last minute emergency that prevents you from attending your appointment, the cancellation fee may be waived, but once only, and another appointment made for you. Should the second appointment be missed, the cancellation fee of 100% of the appointment cost will be applied.

If you need to cancel or reschedule outside 24 hours, this can easily be arranged for you.


“What results can I expect?”iStock_000000294109_Full

In almost all cases you can expect a reduction in negative feelings, an increase in positive feelings and insights, and a sense of relief after one session. If you’re seeking to resolve a specific issue, best results are always achieved after several sessions depending on how long standing and inhibiting the issue has been.

Life Between Lives can, and has created profound shifts for many people in one session. For more details about the kind of changes people experience, please visit the ‘Testimonials’ page of this website.

If for any reason you do not experience what you are seeking in the 2 or 3 sessions of an LBL treatment plan, very affordable options are available to continue with this work until you do. However, most people receive exactly what they intend to achieve in the 2-3 session plans.


(Tony Collins trading as Inner Fulfillment Pty Ltd)

ACN: 135 430 974