Client Testimonials

I suffered with severe back ache since my adolescent years. An x-ray at age 30yrs showed a few of my lower vertebrae looked like “honeycomb”. The radiologist asked me when did I have the accident. When I replied ‘never’ it was decided it had to be result of birth trauma.

I know I did not tell you this but only that I had a sore back and would like to resolve the issue through regression therapy. At my regression session with you,Tony, I initially went to a past life as a young adult. When the healing for that life was complete , you asked if the problem had completely resolved and when I said “no” you persisted to take me back to the ‘source’ the problem. I went to a life where I was a very young child playing with some others and one of them accidently “blew” a dart which penetrated my lower back. With your help we “fixed’ this wound. I have to say I have never had that recurring back pain since our session which must have been over twelve months ago now. I am so appreciative of the work you do and how safe I feel with your work. A big THANK YOU!


Brisbane, QLD

I have had five regression sessions with Tony Collins recently both this life and past life regressions.
The changes that have occurred for me have been amazing as throughout my whole life (I am now in my late sixties) I have had what I term extreme emotional outbursts which have been debilitating and very upsetting for me and also for those loved ones around me. I have suffered from depression as a result and have been on and off medication for a big part of my life.
In some medical advice recently it was suggested that perhaps there was some trauma in my past either my own personal experience or something that had transferred to me possibly by a parent. This suggestion was all I needed to find some answers and subsequently started me on my search. As a result I came across the “Inner Fulfillment” website – enter Tony Collins into my life.

The quite remarkable changes after the first session – tracking back to when certain emotions began was the beginning of a “big shift” emotionally, the second and subsequent sessions have only served to enhance this shift. Family members who were sceptical and perhaps disbelieving of the path I chose to get the help I needed have since seen the remarkable differences and are very encouraging and supportive of my choice of therapy.

I found Tony to be very understanding, gentle, kind, supportive and non-judgemental in his approach. However he guides you to the issues that need to be dealt with in a purposeful and competent manner.

For the first time in my life I am at peace with myself and can handle issues as they arise without having a huge emotional response. This has been such a “freeing” experience for me.
I am now looking forward to doing some life between lives regression and seeing where that takes me. This journey continues.

Thank you Tony for your help and guidance so far. I look forward to the next chapter


Melbourne, VIC

I saw Tony initially to have a past life regression just for the fun of it. It wasn’t until we started chatting that I realised he could possibly help me with my claustrophobia and panic attacks. Fortunately Tony was able to change on the spot the regression session to Time Line Therapy session. It was amazing. We discovered the cause of my claustrophobia in a past life and Tony was able to desensitise my reaction to it. After one session no more claustrophobia. It was life changing.

It didn’t however help with the panic attacks so it was back to see Tony again. This time we discovered that I was suppressing a current life memory and again Tony helped remove the emotion from it. Panic attacks gone. I could sleep again.

Tony is amazing. He’s very knowledgeable, supportive, and professional and I would not hesitate in recommending him


Sunshine Coast, QLD

I just wanted to drop you a note to thank you for an amazing experience yesterday. I am still blown away by my past life regression and I will be doing some research into it now for sure.

Thank you again – I have told so many people about it and will be giving your leaflets to friends and colleagues


Sunshine Coast, QLD

I have known Tony for a long time as a personal friend. I also have had several sessions with him over the years. I have found him to be quite incredible at what he does. His sincere and compassionate ability to help you unravel and sort through issues in your life is deeply healing in itself, but when you add that to his remarkable skills – you are set to have a transformative experience which will change your life.

I have experienced a lot of different healing modalities during my life, and what Tony Collins offers is a very fundamental, highly effective level of transformative healing. If you are stuck in your life, have tried a number of healing therapies and cannot seem to find a way around – this could be for you.


Sunshine Coast, QLD

The emotional therapy and healing that comes from experiencing past life memories was an invaluable improvement. Simply making connections between a past life and my current life is a powerful healing technique in itself, and is something I benefited from the most.

The ‘miracle’ like healing of my unexplained lower back pain from a past life memory was another astonishing improvement.
I recognised why I was experiencing specific issues and how to let go of them – the sadness, self consciousness and fears have dissolved after my sessions, and I can now see a future that looks like one I want to venture into. Also, the Life Between Lives Hypnotherapy was an empowering and extremely valuable experience.

Tony is a kind hearted and wonderfully knowledgeable therapist and person – someone who I recognized as helping me direct myself back on track, and discover blockages that have hindered and obstructed my wellbeing and life experiences.
Thanks again for everything – there are few words that can describe how much you helped


Sunshine Coast, QLD

I would like to extend my deepest thanks for what you have given me. For nearly 30 years of my life I have suffered incredible pain. It has been holding me back from reaching my true potential, I’ve tried everything and spent thousands of dollars over the years attempting to get rid of the pain and the problem.

There are no words can express properly how much your help gave me and I hope that anyone reading this testimonial who may perhaps be wondering if these techniques can help – let me just say, yes they can! Get the answers that you have been seeking so you too can reach your full potential. Thanks again Tony for a wonderful experience!


Townsville, QLD

I gained a greater insight into my current life challenges and was able to stop antidepressants after needing them for many years – that to me is amazing! The probing questions in the Life Between Lives helped me gain a lot more information.
Tony, you were very professional and skilled in your techniques. Your flexibility in allowing each session to be whatever would best fulfill my needs was most appreciated. Thank you for an amazing experience!


Sunshine Coast, QLD

After the LBL? I still get a feeling of utter joy remembering the most inspiring moments!
Tony, you are great at what you do. I don’t open up to people easily – you made it an enjoyable experience and thus I wanted to come back!


Sunshine Coast, QLD

The Life Between Lives gave me the realisation that I have choice in life – that being a victim is just a state of mind. The deep meditative state you achieve brings not only peace but real clarity.

Tony is a very approachable, open, and easy going person, which makes it easy to feel comfortable and safe. I was very happy with the sessions, and wouldn’t change a thing.


Sunshine Coast, QLD

I gained a deeper connection to my soul and confirmation that we are infinite, multidimensional beings. Tony’s calm manner and the tempo and rythm in which he spoke helped me to relax and go deep into the experience.

When I met Tony I felt immediately at ease. He built rapport with me prior to the session which helped me to trust him and relax deeply into the session itself. Allowing the session to unfold without judgement and being flexible within the flow was very beneficial – my experience was perfect for me.


Sunshine Coast, QLD

Positive; Professional; Knowledgeable; Caring; Compassionate; Understanding; Kind – a wonderful therapist! Thank you for coming all the way to Daisy Hill for me – it is soooo very much appreciated!

I’ve experienced changes in perceptions, which have changed my own thoughts, feelings and behaviours in positive life affirming ways. I have felt lighter and unaffected by the original issue since the session, and this is a great feeling.
Timeline, Past Life and Life Between Lives – I loved the different techniques used. Everything went excellently – I am very happy with how the session went.


Brisbane, QLD

The Life Between Lives experience was very positive – Tony was professional and insightful, and it was a real adventure!
I gained a deeper clarity of my life purpose which I return to if I ever feel off track, and a glimpse of what’s to come. It was all useful – I will be back!!


Sunshine Coast, QLD

Life Between Lives was a great experience that allowed me to resolve past issues and view the present and future with confidence. Ever since the experience I have enjoyed so much more acceptance, peace and happiness.
Tony helped me to feel safe – his reassurance over my initial fears allowed me to let go and fully sink into hypnosis. We took the time to go deeply into hypnosis and it allowed me to fully experience what I saw and felt during the session.
Thank you Tony for what has proved to be an invaluable experience


Sunshine Coast, QLD

Recently I underwent Spiritual Regression Hypnotherapy sessions with Tony Collins, including both Past Life Regression and Life Between Lives Hypnotherapy. We explored my subconscious memories of both an important previous life (what my soul considered important) and my most recent previous life. Then during the Life Between Lives session, we discovered my afterlife adventures, guides and soul group companions, and my life purpose in this current lifetime.

I found Tony to be very professional, kind, helpful and well-informed. His knowledge assisted me in understanding the issues that were brought to the surface of my conscious mind through past lives and my current life. His suggestions, which I have since followed, have been very helpful as I work through these issues.

I highly recommend Past Life Regression & Life Between Lives Hypnotherapy, especially if Tony is your hypnotherapist


Gunnedah, NSW

I found Tony to be a therapist that explained clearly and precisely what we were going to explore during the sessions, and allowed me time to experience feelings and discuss them after each session. The Life Between Lives and Timeline techniques were extremely powerful for me and have had a powerful effect on my emotional state – it’s a real euphoric experience!

I’ve learned to trust my own thoughts and consciousness, and also to know when and where my thoughts are – and to bring them back to my here and now. It’s all good!


Tamworth, NSW

Working with Tony assists me to feel my connection to universal heart and be more connected with my absolute inner wisdom and soul guidance. I feel more and more deep soul connection and inner communication beyond words as gnosis or direct inner knowing. I can’t attribute this progress to any technique or approach. It feels more like a blending of energies – like an orchestra playing in tune without any sour notes.

I would like to explore more time travelling and would certainly feel safe and supported in Tony’s presence to experiment with this. His naturally kind nature shines through as authentic and there is nothing that cannot be discussed at that deep level of communication.

The natural re-contextualizing of perceptions that Tony so effortlessly comes up with is invaluable and very healing to my view. In coming to know my self more deeply I am seeing the world with a softer, more balanced inner eye. I am beginning to enjoy the contrast in my life and that is very beneficial to having fun!


Revelstoke, Canada

I experienced the healing of an ‘unknown’ and important past issue, which was very different to what I thought the main issue was. We pinpointed a childhood incident that I allowed myself to heal in the session – as a child I couldn’t reach out to anyone at the time.
Tony was very patient and competent in taking me down the path of the past – I had a wonderful experience and have been much better ever since.


Sunshine Coast, QLD

I gained perspective on my current life through past life achievements, and learnt that my current life is simply a continuation of the process. Hypnosis helped me get in touch with these memories, and the link to my eternal knowing is complete.
Tony is very calm and approachable – a perfect fit for me.


Sunshine Coast, QLD

I felt at ease from the start, which I believe made progress easier, and there was no judgement. I said things I’ve not been able to tell anyone else, and kept things focused. I have peace of mind and have put troublesome things behind me. I feel that as much as could possibly be achieved has been done – thank you.


Tamworth, NSW

I was immediately impressed with Tony’s professional approach to his role and his dedication to the provision of high quality service to all his client’s.

I have been privileged to observe his skills in one-to-one therapy sessions as well as in group education settings. Tony’s interpersonal skills enable him to quickly establish positive relationships with his clients and he is able to establish trust and rapport with people from all walks of life.

He has the unique ability to combine the necessary professional distance required of a therapist with an intuitive and caring approach, and is justifiably noted for his skills in identifying and addressing his client’s individual issues. I believe he is dedicated to healing and to making a difference to every one of his clients.
I’m happy to recommend him as a dedicated, skilled and caring professional.


Perth, WA

Thank you – I feel great….better than I have for a long time in fact. No more anxiety in the mornings and confidence is great….I feel really focused and will be in touch. Thank you for your help!


Tamworth, NSW