Training Testimonials

Our training courses on Past Life Regression have had many happy clients. From counsellors to allied health professionals to psychologists, here is what they have to say about Tony Collins and his training courses.

I learnt many things but a couple of things that were profound was the fluid structure of each stage of therapy and how it effectively brings the clients awareness to the present. I also learnt more about the Attachments and releasing them which is really useful.

This course has been the best course I have completed in terms of Spiritual Hypnotherapy. The content of the course had depth yet was very easy to understand. Tony is an insightful and deeply spiritual man who has made sure all the students are taken care of. Tony is very experienced with Between Lives Regression work and it really shows in his techniques. The course went above and beyond anything I have experienced in this field.

This course is the best training in the country. I highly recommend it to anyone who has great integrity in helping heal people through spiritual hypnosis.


Sydney, NSW

I have attended my share of professional development training in previous employment over the last 30 years and I would rate the training by Tony as one of the best I have experienced.

Tony’s attention to detail in all areas of the course were outstanding. The course was very well structured in a way that supported my learning in an area that I was very unfamiliar with. Tony’s training delivery was also excellent, always welcoming any question or feedback from the group as well as being very open to where students were at with their journey in PLR practice. This positive experience only continued as I progressed through the supervision case study phase of the training where Tony’s written feedback to case study assignments was exceptional and back up by great phone call discussions that really supported me in setting clear session plans for the next client session. Just excellent.

10/10 – Exceptional, and very happy for my feedback to be used for marketing if suitable



A billion stars!!!

Tony is an incredibly honest, thoroughly informative, passionate teacher that I could not recommend highly enough. Tony goes over and beyond throughout the course, the amount of hours this man spends supporting his students with their case studies is what I would say sets him aside from any other course or workshop facilitator that I have ever come across.

For anyone who has been trained by Tony you will know first hand the extensive knowledge this man has in this field, it is incredibly inspiring. His sense of humour is infectious and makes the intensity of the training days a pure pleasure…and those workshops are intense, you have no idea until you arrive just how much you are about to learn….prepare to be mind blown!!!!

It is not a walk in the park, you have to work damn hard, but being able to acquire the skills to help people overcome fear and emotional trauma and assisting them in their journey to becoming the best version of themselves makes the intense case study period worth every second. The experience of this training has been life changing for me and I look forward to a wonderful and soul fulfilling future career thanks to Tony and the “Soul Therapy and Life Coaching Institute”… Lastly the cherry on top is the fellow students that I have had the pleasure of meeting throughout this experience, who are all just amazing like minded souls…which provides for a safe and comfortable training environment!


Sunshine Coast, QLD

I feel very blessed and privileged to have Tony as my teacher. Tony has really strong ethics towards students as well as clients which I really value.
I have to say it definitely was worth each dollar I spent. If you are not sure about taking it or not, my advice would be: definitely go for it! 


Wollongong, NSW

Tony is very thorough in his teachings and has a wealth of knowledge and experience to share. He provides a very unique, skilled format of techniques and understandings developed from his many years of working with clients.

The small group approach was very appealing to me. The exchange of information is more accessible than in a large ‘factory’ type setting and the information provided is beyond expectations.
The fact that my case studies and clients have already shown life changing improvements is proof in the pudding.

I would totally recommend Tony Collins for an honest, up-to-date, authentic approach.


Sydney, NSW

Having the Introduction into Hypnosis Course gave a clear understanding of the 3 different forms of consciousness and the benefits of this modality. It was a good basis for the Regression Course which allowed me to see how the process of Regression not only gives an insight into the different experiences we have had then but the process of minimising or totally clearing the energy around different emotions. It was very beneficial to learn about the different ways of releasing these energies in a safe, productive way. Having an understanding of what happens from the Death Point and Transformation was enlightening. It all helped to gain knowledge of the cycle of the Soul’s Journey and how the effects of those experiences can be “rebalanced”.

I appreciated the attention to detail, professionalism and opportunity to clarify questions the best. Excellent notes given in the manual and also updated versions forwarded when necessary. I enjoyed the balance of humour also!

The Case Study supervision was excellent. I appreciate the flexibility and readiness to arrange Case Study reviews and felt it was very personal, and grateful of the amount of (ongoing) help and explanation.

Past Life Regression came alive with this Course. I really came away feeling I had not only completed the Course but had been offered ongoing guidance when needed. Tony is a very committed Trainer. I appreciate his attention to detail and sensitivity. Gratitude, and 10/10 for the course


Sydney, NSW

I gained a lot of knowledge and enjoyed learning about how we carry our thoughts and emotions with us from one life to another, and how important it is to heal from these and find forgiveness.
Tony is an experienced and skilled practitioner / therapist who imparts knowledge and skills in a practical manner. He has an easygoing style that is methodical, clear and very professional. If you want to deeply understand Regression Therapy, you will be provided with an in depth knowledge and a thorough understanding of how to assist a client to reach the source of their issue to once and for all let it go so they can heal.

The methodology is sound and based on a variety of Hypnosis, N.L.P., Regression Therapy and Between Lives therapy techniques, mixed with Tony’s own model of Regression therapy based on his skills and experience.

If you want to learn Regression Therapy, Tony is one of the best in the business – you will be very happy with the results!


Gold Coast, QLD

Tony untangles the world of hypnosis, therapy and the spiritual realm with such ease. His presentation as an educator is exceptional, his knowledge and skills as a hypnotherapist are outstanding.

Overall the education, the material, and the instruction – easily 10/10

I aspire to the level of competence and expertise that Tony has as a hypnotherapist, and he passes the ‘Virgo perfection litmus paper test’ 😉


Sunshine Coast, QLD

I would like to highly recommend Tony Collins to anyone who is thinking about training in Hypnotherapy or Past Life Regression. Tony is a truly gifted teacher, but more than that, he teaches with soul wisdom.

I did all of my training with Tony but after the courses are finished, Tony continues to teach and nurture his students and is always available to help.

I really enjoyed the courses: they were accessible and affordable, and working with the other students on each course was fantastic


Gympie, QLD

Great training! Tony is a very engaging teacher and the course material is very well structured and presented in a very accessible way. Over two modules we learned skills that have the potential to improve the lives of our clients dramatically.
Overall the course was a 9/10 – more people should know about this work


Canberra, A.C.T.

I have just completed the Past Life Regression Practitioner course with Tony Collins of Inner Fulfillment P/L in Qld and found the course to be professionally prepared and presented. The content of the course was relevant and interesting and Tony is an experienced and dedicated therapist and teacher who made sure everyone was able to interpret and understand every detail of the course.

I would recommend this course to any therapist or practitioner who has had Past Life experience personally or professionally and would like to learn or continue to expand their understanding of this very interesting and profoundly healing practice as a personal or professional process


Melbourne, VIC

The Past Life course comprehensively covered what’s required to take a person into trance, direct them through the past life experience and then realize their lessons from that lifetime. It was easy to follow and covered many difficulties that may arise in Past Life Regression sessions. I liked Tony’s manner as he encourages a relaxed atmosphere. I highly recommend this training – it is not only helpful for those you work with, but also extremely helpful in understanding yourself!

In the Between Lives Spiritual Regression course I gained a deeper understanding of the hypnosis and regression process, and a working knowledge of the main stages of the Between Lives process. I enjoy Tony’s rapport with the class, his ability to discuss the information in depth, and I hope he is able to build on this success with future classes.
Tony is an inspired presenter. The material we covered was endlessly interesting, revealing many aspects of spirituality that I had previously not realized. I highly recommend these trainings – overall, a 9/10!


Sunshine Coast, QLD

I liked the open mindedness and understanding that Tony brought to all supervision sessions. His breadth of knowledge and passion for the potential for healing and willingness to be open to ideas to improve the process are rarely seen in teaching modalities that I have come across in both mainstream and alternative models.

Thanks for being so positively supportive. I am so thankful I did this course through you. I feel the way you have put it together is really well structured for the end result of healing outcomes.

Overall? A 9/10


Northern NSW

I undertook the Regression Therapy training having had some prior experience. However the depth of knowledge and powerful healing skills that Tony shared with us, and patiently taught us, built the strongest of foundations from which to launch my practice.

I now confidently know that I can assist anyone who comes to me for healing as well as being assured that Tony is always there to support me.


Agnes Waters, QLD

I experienced the most amazing healing though a past life regression session with Tony Collins. Stress related migraines I had been plagued by for many, many years vanished within a couple of weeks of the session. I’m so grateful for the new energy I now have in my life. Thank you Tony.

PS. The PLR session was conducted during the course run by Tony on the Sunshine Coast in late October. It was certainly worthwhile attending because I learnt new PL Regression techniques and received a fantastic healing too


Brisbane, QLD

I enjoyed this course, it has given me the understanding of past life therapy on a deeper level, this course will give you new knowledge about life and life’s purpose, as a therapist and also on a personal level, I learnt a lot about my own self and have the confidence to take my business to a more professional level.

Tony’s knowledge in his teaching is brilliant and the support during and after the course is very professional and personal. For the beginner in Hypnotherapy or for someone that has already had training in this field or other therapies, this course will offer you knowledge, confidence, and awareness for an exciting future 


Perth, WA

I learnt a lot about hypnosis deepening, overcoming blockages, and navigating the stages of the Between Lives process. I really enjoyed the relaxed nature of the training, the professional and informative trainer, and learning how to successfully guide a client into the spiritual realms for Between Life exploration.

It was a very interesting, informative and professional course – such a wonderful tool to guide the client into the spiritual realms for their personal healing and exploration. I am very grateful for the opportunity to learn this modality with such a great tutor and a wonderful group of fellow students


Sunshine Coast. QLD

I’ve got so many valuable skills and knowledge. I loved our group and trainer! We all worked very well together, learning from each other, making mistakes and receiving support, learning to trust our abilities and skills. The training was a life changing experience for me, not only in regards to my professional life but to my whole being. I was able to resolve so many of my personal issues that were bubbling on the surface and also stored deep inside.

I’ve had a couple of peak experiences during the training which are hard to compare – and it has been a very strong emotional experience!
An overall scale of 1-10 for the course…..can I put 11?!

Definitely no less than 10! Thank you all


Melbourne, VIC

Hypnosis Training Testimonials

Our training courses on Hypnosis have had many happy clients. From counsellors to allied health professionals to psychologists, here is what they have to say about Tony Collins and his hypnosis training courses.

Having had no previous training in Hypnosis apart from what I know intuitively, the course allowed me to gain a deeper set of skills for my toolbox. Learning about deepeners was great, and most importantly all the different scripts you can use blew me away! How we talk to the unconscious and conscious mind was also really enlightening.

We learnt a lot from one another as a group and this was an integral part of how the days of the course flowed. Tony turned this into a learning experience every time which was really good. I think the days were perfectly worked out with just the right amount of time. I enjoyed getting practical experience and having a go with no expectations.

I have to say Tony as a trainer you have an excellent rapport. You managed the time perfectly and the content was so easy to understand, nothing was ever too complicated. Your obvious knowledge and passion regarding Hypnotherapy is great, and I was amazed at how powerful Hypnotherapy can be.
You are an excellent trainer who speaks from the heart. Well done and thank you!


Melbourne, VIC

I learnt how to conduct Hypnosis sessions with clients professionally, how to help myself and others by understanding the unconscious and conscious minds, and how to implement the therapeutic techniques that can have a deeply healing and positive effect on our lives.

I liked everything about the course! It was informative and practical and was delivered in an interesting and effective way that I feel has provided me with skills that I can apply in my own personal and professional life.

It has created a whole other dimension to my understanding and Tony is a great teacher. He made it easy to follow and was very patient in answering each and every question (and there were a lot!) but that also added to the content, and it was delivered in a really interesting way that made it so much more enjoyable.

Tony managed our group so well as there was a lot of interaction and questions. This would have been a challenge for any experienced teacher or supervisor, but he allowed us all our own time and I believe everyone had an empowering experience from the feedback I received. I would enjoy undertaking further training in Hypnosis with Tony as he is an exceptional teacher and person.

Overall a 10/10 – excellent standard, content and supervision. Thank you!


Melbourne, VIC

I wanted to write and thank you again for a fabulous Hypnosis training.

Please accept my compliments when I say your training and in particular your style as a trainer far exceeded my expectations. Prior to attending I had high hopes that the training would be good but as you know its always a bit of a gamble when you don’t know much about the subject or the trainer.

What did I like best? Well, I guess it was your laid-back, non-judgemental attitude yet highly professional, you made the training fun, educational and I felt I was in a safe environment to be comfortable to share my experiences and learnings as we went along. It was delivered at a high standard and certainly ticked every criteria I personally had prior to attending. Through my working career I have been given the opportunity to attend many, many trainings by a variety of lecturers but I must say your deliverance of this training was one at the top of my list – well done and thank you.

Not only did you cover the course material thoroughly but you went above and beyond to answer all my questions (and I did have a lot sorry) but you gave us so many practical tips and advice and a taste of other more advanced practices and therapies.

Definitely money well spent. Looking forward to moving on to the advanced courses with you soon. Thanks for being so flexible & professional and making my experience such a high positive one!


Cairns, QLD

I have some wonderful feedback from the course that I would love to share with you….

The last few sessions I have had with my current clients have been wonderful. I feel efficient and productive because I have broken the problem into tangible symptoms that can be measured. I am now able to just focus on 1-2 things per session and that has made all the difference! I just spoke to the clients that I saw for smoking – they haven’t smoked since our session, and I only had one session with them each!

Thank you soooo much for all your help and guidance. Smokers were a real block for me – I’ve seen three people since our course and all have stopped Everything in the folder is so great and I just wanted to thank you again for making the process so clear.

All of your guidance on stop smoking was priceless. I have never seen a course be so very, very helpful with smoking clients. I have been worried about this population because of the little success they have had with me in the past, but all of your added hints and tips that are additional to what is in the folder have really boosted my confidence.

The support I already feel without even submitting a case study yet for feedback is just amazing. I feel Tony will be a wonderful guide because he is such an expert at what he does. Just from watching him doing the demonstrations I’ve found myself shifting a few of the things I was previously doing.

I’ve just really, really enjoyed all the benefits of doing your course – thank you!


Melbourne, VIC

After an introduction to the theory of hypnosis and an understanding of the unconscious mind, I received a comprehensive understanding of the hypnosis process from the initial interview phase, through welcoming and informing a client, to the application of the induction, deepener, the applying of suggestions and the awakening phases. After this, contra indicators and setting up a practice were covered.

The greatest benefit for me was learning the technique of creating positive suggestions to effect positive changes. I enjoyed learning the techniques of IMR’s, anchors and handling distractions. It was a brilliant, well rounded course.

I absolutely loved the group that came together for this course and thoroughly enjoyed Tony Collins as a teacher and guide. I was pleasantly surprised how much hypnosis is in line with meditation and creative visualisation in relation to the script writing. This area is a great passion of mine. I also love how hypnosis can change deep seeded patterns that allow individuals to move on unencumbered with their life.

Overall? Excellent – a 10/10 course!

Tony’s fluid and informative presentation with great real life examples, his happy and friendly demeanour overall and in his relating to the group, his attention to individual needs and support of practice sessions was impeccable. As stated, we had an amazing group of women who are well developed and knowledgeable in many alternate healing/spiritual areas. It was a profound four days


Melbourne, VIC

Excellent management and presentation of the course materials – Tony was organized and stayed on track. He’s very knowledgable and helpful as an instructor, and his willingness to help whenever required was fantastic


Brisbane, QLD

I learned quite a lot regarding the fundamentals, and the application of Hypnosis in regards to the assistance in healing life traumas, addictions, phobias, and much more. I learned that it is a safe and useful tool to assist and empower individuals.

What I enjoyed most was Tony’s ability in keeping the workshop interesting, in honoring us as individuals as well as his teaching style. We were not bored as he kept us engaged.
Tony has continued to be of assistance to all that shared in his workshop, supporting us via phone and emails.

Out of 10? Let’s say a “9” as we can always find ways to improve!

I would definitely register to do ongoing workshops with him again as I found his personal teaching style easy to follow.
It would be safe to say keep up the good work as others will also find his personal teaching style an asset!


Melbourne, VIC

The workshop was much more than theory. We had adequate allocation of time to practice the techniques being taught, Tony helped everyone feel relaxed and was very accommodating in answering questions

A lovely group dynamic – I liked that Tony was helpful with suggestions (particularly about the client interviewing process) and also unobtrusive when observing the session


Melbourne, VIC

I think the course was well put together and on the whole it gave a good overview and perspective, providing all the necessary information and skills required. The voice modulation/pacing instruction was well demonstrated by Tony. I felt confident using my voice in the style required and therefore an important part of taking a client into trance.
I learnt that hypnosis is not a therapy in itself but rather a tool, and that it isn’t so much about psychoanalysis.

I enjoyed applying the skills with fellow students of the same or similar background and this provided a very positive atmosphere with dependable feedback.

Tony’s enthusiasm, attitude and style was very easy to relate to, making it easy to ask questions and created a very enjoyable learning environment”.


Melbourne, VIC

I am enjoying preparing to add therapeutic hypnosis to my 40+ years experience in counselling as an organisational psychologist, and now to my work in the health field.

I liked all of the comprehensive very well conducted training including the preparatory study, Tony Collins prior arrangements, the very suitable venue, the carefully arranged teaching environment and facilities, the exciting course content, Tony’s excellent conduct of the course, and his fast comprehensive emailed follow up.
I enjoyed all aspects of the sessions. Tony is a knowledgeable, very competent session organiser and leader. He carefully and even-handedly encouraged and supported each of the six participants.

I have continued a busy happy professional and personal life, and my metaphysical research has led me to these programs – my overall score for the course? 10/10!


Sydney, NSW

I most enjoyed learning the overview of hypnosis and its process, the way to structure sessions (induction, deepening, suggestions), the opportunity to build skill/experience in each of these areas in a reasonable and incremental way.
I liked learning about suggestions made in relation to the experience of working with clients with this modality, and ideas surrounding the technology which may assist the process.

Tony was respectful of the participants and had the support material for the instructional process. There was genuine efforts to build skill and support people within this process.

Tony assured me my questions were appropriate and not out of context. I did feel he was genuinely interested in assisting people develop skills and this was demonstrated in his ongoing interaction with people


Brisbane, QLD

The trainer, Tony, made it all seem relevant and his approach seemed to relax me and allow me to understand and value the construction of the hypnotic process.

His style greatly enhanced my ability to learn and apply that knowledge.

I found Tony’s feedback was at all times instructive in a respectful and purposeful way. The practice sessions did not feel rushed and he provided the right space for learning to take place. He also had the ability to demonstrate verbally what he demonstrated in practice.

I was happy with the structure of the training days and found it suited my learning style. I did not feel pressured and felt the pacing of the training was good. I felt there was good opportunity for questioning and clarifying understanding
It was good that Tony’s occasional reference to his supervision provided a sense of security that he was part of a wider group and that there was a safety net if I had any concerns

A very good course – 9/10

I also greatly appreciated the general information re setting oneself up in business and the information session re the recording of the process and how to make a CD


Brisbane, QLD

What did I like about the course? Everything!

It was the most interesting course, especially Tony – he was wonderful. Good tutor / trainer, and learning about the unconscious mind, its directives, and how we create changes at the unconscious level was fantastic.

It was a well set out program to develop our skills in hypnosis, I liked the venue and Tony was excellent – 9 out of 10!


Sunshine Coast, QLD

I gained a much deeper understanding of the unconscious mind and its effects in our daily life. The way the unconscious works and ways to bypass the mind, the ability to personalise a script to suit the client and how important it is in regards of the voice and when and how to use the voice for specific outcomes and effects.

It was more spiritual then I expected, and I liked that. I also liked how we always started the day with a meditation.

Tony followed through with sending out all the additional information after the course. Overall, a 9/10!


Sydney, NSW

I learnt the procedure of hypnosis, an understanding of how the conscious and unconscious mind work, how to write scripts, structure and pace, tonality, how to do a good interview so that it translates to a relevant script etc.

The pairs exercises were my favourite part of the course.

I had good guidance from the tutor – a great job done by Tony. I like his frankness and professionalism. Thumbs up!”



I want to thank you for your time after the course and emphasise that I really appreciate it.
The feedback you have given will be really useful – it has already greatly helped with structuring my sessions.

Things like making sure I identify talking to the subconscious mind early on and extending the amount of specific suggestions etc, helps me for future sessions. It will also really help me with my confidence, so thanks so much again!


Perth, WA