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Welcome to the Past Life Regression Hypnosis workshop programs

This is a series of 9 one day workshops that focus on the intricate relationships between our mind, body, soul and environment, and how to understand our human experience from a broader perspective.

Every topic is related to a function of our 3 levels of consciousness – either the mind, the body or the soul, and even though the topics are independent of each other they are all connected. The intention of the workshops is that they blend together over the course of 9 months to create an interesting, practical and diverse 9 day training in the mind body and soul arena.

The list of topics, and the order in which they will be presented, are:

1. Intro – Mind, Body and Soul Workshop – this workshop is the first in the series and is designed to give a detailed overview of the different responsibilities and functions of our 3 selves. The content of this workshop acts as an introductory template that will be used in each of the following workshops. Whilst it’s not essential to attend to understand and follow the series, it is highly recommended

2. Soul Contracts and Life Between Lives Workshop – Tanya will start this day with an experiential discussion of Numerology, including how to do an in depth personal chart that identifies your personal numbers, and what they mean. We then learn about the Life Between Lives and how soul agreements are formed before incarnating. The final part of this workshop looks at the gallery of spiritual life lessons that a soul will undertake in its journey on Earth, including an exercise in how to identify your primary soul lessons.

Please wear comfortable warm clothing, bring a big pillow with you if you wish to sit on the floor and a notebook or paper and writing utensils. Morning and afternoon tea are included.

Please complete and submit registration form to book your place. A $20 deposit is required at time of booking.

3. Past Lives and Time Line Therapy® Workshop – learn about the process of reincarnation and explore the fascinating subject of Past Lives. The day will include a detailed discussion of how effective past life regression is as a therapy (and why it works), plus an experiential exercise of exploring your own past lives

4. Neuro Linguistic Programming (otherwise known as NLP!) – in this workshop we’ll be exploring the principles and philosophy of Neuro Linguistic Programming, human models of communication, how language ‘programs’ our behaviours and creates our reality (both desired and undesired), examples of eye patterns and strategies, rapport and body language, and practical ways to use NLP in different contexts. We’ll also look at an overview of NLP techniques for therapy and self development – how you can create positive changes for yourself and others in daily life

5. Hypnosis Workshop – learn about the natural phenomenon of trance, the amazing world of your unconscious mind, and how to use self hypnosis to create changes you desire. This day will include a structured process (and practice) for how to create an effective self hypnosis script for any problem, and how to record your ideas for self healing

6. Meta Medicine – are diseases what we think they are, or are we beginning to understand disease from a different perspective? Meta Medicine is a new medical approach that has been developed by German doctors over the course of the last 30 years and provides an alternative view on the cause and nature of disease. In this workshop learn how trauma & significant emotional events are related to disease processes, how they manifest in the body, and what we can do to heal them

7. Spiral Dynamics – This workshop looks at the evolution of human values: how we transition through states of independence and states of community as we move towards a sustainable human values system for ourselves and for the planet. The day will include the opportunity to discover and explore your own values level and steps you can take to work effectively with other values levels

8. Chakras – learn about the flow of energy through the chakra system, how vital chakras are to our health and wellbeing, and how they are roadmaps to our highest fulfillment. This day will include simple techniques you can use for removing negative energies from your chakra system, and then energizing and balancing the chakras for optimum health

9. Archetypes – Caroline Myss and Carl Jung – explore the world of unconscious Archetypes: what an Archetype is, how Archetypal patterns reveal a great deal about your soul purpose, how to discover which ones you are working with, and how they shape your personality and destiny in daily life.

The overall purpose of the workshops is:

  • to give you a comprehensive map of your 3 selves – their different functions and responsibilities, different ways of revealing life purpose and progress, and different opportunities for experiencing a life of greater fulfillment. In the western world there is a heavy emphasis on the aspect of “mind”, and much of our unconscious and higher conscious experience is sadly neglected – we aim to redress this balance throughout the course of the workshops!
  • to give you practical tools, techniques, handbooks and resources for understanding and working with your 3 selves
  • to give you the opportunity to develop a detailed map of your personal life purpose, and how to live this more fully
  • to offer a highly enjoyable introduction to different spiritual topics and their methodologies
  • to offer an introduction to longer professional trainings in mind, body and spirit therapies, including accredited practitioner trainings in NLP, NLP Coaching, Hypnotherapy, Time Line Therapy®, Past Life Regression and Life Between Lives Hypnosis
  • to assist you in your journey to inner peace and contentment, be more balanced, feel more connected to self and others, have more joy and be happier at the end of each weekend, as these are the true states of the soul
  • to offer a space to connect with like minded people, share ideas, and make new friends or colleagues.

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Whilst is it hoped you’ll be able to attend all 9 workshops and absorb the entire program, we understand that the demands of modern life can make it difficult to commit to all 9 Sundays – for you to receive the maximum benefit from the program it’s recommended you schedule time to attend at least 5 to 7 of the workshop days. We will be covering material (particularly in workshop 1) that will be referenced in each of the weekends, so it helps to attend as many as possible to understand exactly what’s being taught.

Different workshop topics will resonate with each person, some more than others, so if you know in advance that you can’t attend all 9, choose the ones that hold the most interest for you and make sure to lock them in your diaries! You are always welcome to attend a workshop you can’t attend on the next program.

Finally, after the completion of the 9 workshops we will be hosting a 2 day weekend retreat titled  “Your Ideal Future” that will focus on releasing any emotional blocks or barriers you’ve been experiencing – some of these may already be familiar to you, or some may be discovered throughout the course of the workshop program.

At the end of the 2 day weekend you’ll be emotionally clearer, able to create realistic goals for your future, and able to move joyfully and decisively towards fulfilling them!

This is a unique, inspiring and eye-opening series of topics suitable for newcomers to the mind, body and spirit field, or old hands – we look forward to meeting you and guiding you through these modalities very soon!

(To register, please download a registration form and return it to either, or to Numbers will be limited so payment before the workshop is essential to secure your place).

Workshop Prices:

  • One workshop – $85
  • Five workshops – $400
  • Six workshops – $460
  • Seven workshops – $500
  • Entire program – $620
  • Two day residential retreat weekend – $295 per person (includes accommodation – venue and dates TBA)
  • Payment options – Cash / Credit Card via phone / Direct Deposit

(If you are undecided as to how many to commit to, come to your first workshop for $95: you can update to a higher scheme and the $95 will go towards your multi workshop choice.You will be able to upgrade like this as we go and retrospectively pay the difference for multiple workshops, though this must be decided within the first 5 workshops)